Studio Olfattivo Santa Maria Capua Vetere

Welcome to Studio Olfattivo

Studio Olfattivo - Profumeria di nicchia a Santa Maria C.V.

Studio Olfattivo arises from the passion of Mariella and Angela Simonelli, assisted by the expertise of Salvatore Piccerillo, for the artistic, artisanal and selective perfumery, free from obvious market rules.

A passion that aims at the need to share knowledge and love for this form of art offering products of the highest quality and originality from every corner of the world and created by the greatest "noses" ever!

The choice of the name embodies the idea to create a meeting place for an "olfactory-cultural" exchange in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere like that of a "studio" in which you can take refuge, pamper and take time for yourself.

But "Studio" is also intended as a real educational activity aimed at learning !

The concept is to invite anyone who visits Studio Olfattivo to feel free not only to test and discover new fragrances, but also to touch with hand, or rather with "nose", everything related to the creative process!

Books to be consulted and raw materials both natural and synthetic to study are at your disposal, in order to fully understand how fascinating could be all the artistic and practical path leading to the birth of a perfume.

Meetings with famous "noses" and “themed events” offer a further and precious cultural enrichment for all the fans and curious of “artistic-selective-niche” perfumery.

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Studio Olfattivo Santa Maria Capua Vetere